Lessons from seven selected places in achieving universal health coverage

  • Given that all places have different social contexts and uniqueness, it is not possible to infer that the provision of PHC services of a place is comprehensive or not by the number of polices and service items
  • In recent years, the Governments in seven selected places have proactively reformed their healthcare systems with innovative technology initiatives. Hong Kong can draw reference from them in overcoming the similar challenges brought by population ageing and chronic diseases
  • As the first to guard against disease, the Government should further promote the concept and functions of family doctor, guiding members of the public to seek appropriate PHC services
  • There should be more resources to step up publicity, ensuring quality multi-disciplinary based PHC services to be integrated into the community. At the same time, the Government should strengthen health literacy and raise community awareness of disease prevention, building a close relationship with family doctor, finding the path best suits Hong Kong to attaining ‘Health for All’